Donna's Links

Here are some links I have found very useful (in no particular order)

Friends / Resources

Dr. Anne Vitale Wonderful essays and a insight from this California based therapist.  I have found them to be the most astute, interesting, and thought provoking observations...
Dr. Anne Lawrence One of the best all-around resources on the web
Dr. Becky Allison Becky's site and story provided the early information and inspiration I needed to begin my transition.  She has become a dear friend, and I consider her to be a true pioneer in a wilderness that had very few....
Lynn Conway A tremendous site from an amazing woman.
TS Successes An incredible site dedicated to successful TS transitions.
Dr. Douglas Ousterhout S.F based plastic surgeon describes feminization for the Transexual face
Facial Feminization Surgery A Collection of FFS sites and stories
TS Roadmap Wonderful site developed by Andrea James, based on her personal experience
Sally's Resource Morsel Sally is a much-loved friend, and her site is a must-read for everyone, especially those considering FFS.
Melanie Anne Phillips Transgender Support Site - Indispensable material covering all aspects of TG experience
Jennifer Diane Reitz Very helpful material from a personal perspective

Arizona Laser, Electrolysis, Skin Care, and Permanent Makeup

Maria is a much loved friend, and has actively supported the TS Community for nearly 20 years.  Please call her if you have any electrolysis/laser questions....
Elizabeth Elizabeth's website.  I don't know what more I could say other than I love her.
Annah Moore Annah is another of my beloved sisters.  I've known her since the earliest days, and we've been thru some pretty amazing things together.  She's one of the most creative and beautiful people I know.

List of Therapists with Experience Treating Transgender Patients

From Becky Allison's website.
Pixilluminous Creations My friend Samantha has some such a long way since I first met her at Southern Comfort in 2003.  First, she wrote a book.  Now she's started a video production company to work with the Trans community. 


Groups and Organizations

Center for Gender Sanity

A very interesting and informative site, especially for transitioners.
IFGE International Foundation For Gender Education
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) The largest GLBT Lobbying Organization in the Country
Out And Equal A wonderful GLBT Workplace Advocacy Organization
GLAAD GLBT Media watchdogs advocating "fair, accurate, and inclusive representation".  A wonderful organization.
HBIDGA The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association 
Transgender Harmony A Phoenix area support group for the entire community

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)

The only Trans- specific political group in Washington, DC.



NGLTF (The Task Force)


GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders)


Transgender Law and Policy Institute

Very useful information.

Arizona Human Rights Fund (AHRF)

An Arizona GLBT Advocacy organization.

Body Positive

A Phoenix area HIV/AIDS group.  I am on the Board of Directors.

COPE Outreach

COPE Outreach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - serving the transgender community from Miami to Atlanta (thx to Ricki for this link).


SRS Resources

Dr. Toby Meltzer

Dr. Eugene Schrang (I had my SRS with Dr. Schrang....)
Dr. Marci Bowers  
Drs. Menard and Brassard GRS in Montreal


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