Fun Stuff and Foto Ops...

I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to meet some notable, perhaps even famous, people in my travels.  I'll post photos of some of the more recognizable personalities here.



< Pamela Anderson (May 2003)

This photo was taken at the 2002 GLAAD Media Awards, held in May 2003 in San Francisco.  I found Pam to be friendly and approachable, and the irony that my male self wouldn't have been able to get within a hundred yards of her was not lost on me....

Stockard Channing  (May 2003) >

Stockard received special recognition at the GLAAD awards for her work on behalf of the GLBT community.



< B.D. Wong  (May 2003)

B.D. seemed to be a very friendly, passionate, giving person.  To be honest, at the beginning of the evening, I didn't really know much about him.  After listening to him speak, and meeting him, I have a newfound respect for his achievements and for his work.

Betty DeGeneres (June 2003) >

Betty spoke to a large group at work in honor of Gay Pride Month.  A small group of us had lunch with her, and she was as poised, funny, articulate, and friendly as I imagined she would be.  Her talk was standing-room only, and the inspirational and personal nature of her message made a lasting impression on everyone who attended.  If you have an opportunity to see her talk, I strongly encourage you to go, as she is simply amazing.

(Ellen...if you read this, I'd LOVE to be on your show!!)


< The San Fran Gang (June 2003)

This picture includes my "little sister", Elizabeth; Sylvia Guerrero, mother of slain transgendered teen Gwen Araujo; Cathy Renna, News Media Director for GLAAD New York; and her partner.



KLBJ-FM Austin  (April 2003) >

My friend Julie and I have been morning show guests on the Dudley and Bob morning show a couple of times.  Although they can certainly be crude on occasion, they're generally friendly and fun when we're there.  I think we've been able to change some folks' perspectives on what transsexuals are really like.  We enjoy our visits, and are proud to be considered their "transsexual friends".






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