Transgender News Watch

It seems like there is news of interest to the transgender community coming out on a daily basis.  This page will provide a single location where people can come to see what's happening in the world in relation to transgender issues and concerns.  Some of it will be good news.  Some of it will not.  I do not censor the news I put here...all I do is provide access to it.

Some of the links here may break as time goes by.  Some sites may require that you to provide sign-up information if you'd like to access the article.  My goal here is to provide access to the news throughout the internet, not to actually maintain it locally. 

Visitors to my website may have other news they'd like me to post here.  I thank you in advance for your understanding that I've already developed sources for cultivating the news I provide here.  I can't allow maintaining this page to become a full-time job because if it becomes too difficult, I'll have to end it.

In addition, I tell you up front that I will not be able to update this site each and every day.  This will not be a comprehensive list of ALL the transgender news ALL the time.  That would be a full-time job, and one I don't have the bandwidth to undertake.  If that's what you're looking for there are ways to get that delivered via email to your in-box.

With all that being is the latest Transgender news.

Insurance victory for Ohio transsexual - UK
- May 18, 2007
An Ohio transsexual has won a court battle with her insurance company over the cost of her gender reassignment surgery. Jan Stacy, and electronics engineer, ...

Boston Children’s Hospital Opens “Transgender” Children’s Clinic
Lifesite - Niagara Falls,NY,USA
- May 18, 2007
On a MassResistance radio report, Taube emphasized that transgender procedures can only achieve the outward appearance of the opposite gender. ...

Susan Stanton makes DC debut
Washington Blade - Washington,DC,USA
- May 18, 2007
Former Largo, Fla., city manager Steve Stanton, who was fired two months ago for being transgender, came out as Susan in Washington Monday. ...

New Yorkers Join National Fight for Trans Equality
New York Blade - New York,NY,USA
- May 18, 2007
Almost 50 people attended the discussion on transgender rights, sponsored by the LGBT legal advocacy group Lambda Legal. The debut program was one of seven ...

Sick Sad World: The first transgender Prom Queen
Stanford Daily - Palo Alto,CA,USA
- May 18, 2007
And as of last Saturday, Fresno is a place that picked a transgender student named Johnny Vera to be Prom Queen. Vera goes to Roosevelt High School, ...

The politics of 'passing' - Southern,USA
- May 18, 2007
The ability to pass is often “the ultimate goal” for transgender individuals hoping to avoid social and economic hardships, said Tracee McDaniel, ...

Ohio governor bans bias against gay, transgender workers
The Advocate - Los Angeles,CA,USA 
- May 17, 2007
In red-state Ohio, gay and transgender state workers will now be legally protected from workplace discrimination. Democratic governor Ted Strickland signed ...

Stanton's Newfound Celebrity Giving Her Greater Influence
Lakeland Ledger - Lakeland,FL,USA
- May 17, 2007
But Tuesday, as a fired transgender official, Susan Stanton, chatted with Young in his Capitol office for almost an hour. ...

Portland Police Asking for Help Locating Transgender Murder Suspect
Salem-News.Com - OR,USA
- May 17, 2007
French is transgender, and is approximately 5'6 tall, weighs 130 pounds, and has shoulder-length brown hair. Until recently French maintained an internet ...

Trans lobby day gets 120 participants
EDGE Boston - Boston,MA,USA
- May 17, 2007
One of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s (MTPC) goals for its first lobby day at the State House, held May 15, was to show Beacon Hill ...

Kent State joins trend of providing gender neutral restroom
Akron Beacon Journal - Akron,OH,USA
- May 17, 2007
KENT, Ohio - Kent State University is accommodating transgender students with a newly relabeled unisex restroom that has four images on the door: a man, ...

Transgenders fight discrimination in Massachusetts
The Republican - Springfield,MA,USA
- May 16, 2007
Ralph, a visual artist from Northampton, said it's time to end discrimination against transgender people and clear the way for a new generation of ...

Fresno High Schoolers Make Transgender History
Bay Area Indymedia - San Francisco,CA,USA
- May 16, 2007
Three weeks after Cinthia Covarrubias was nominated for Prom King at Fresno High School, transgender Roosevelt High senior Johnny Vera was selected by his ...

Transgender Student Wins Prom Queen At California School
KSDK - St. Louis,MO,USA
- May 15, 2007
"Nothing in life is impossible. Everything is possible. If you can dream it, it can happen," says Johnny. High school can be hard, most everyone would agree ...

Transgender Advocate Elected as President of San Francisco Police ...
EDGE Boston - Boston,MA,USA 
- May 15, 2007
The San Francisco Police Commission elected openly-transgender Commissioner Theresa Sparks as its new president late last week. ...

Police panel slap leaves mayor spinning
San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco,CA,USA 
- May 15, 2007
... Newsom's mug after the very public slap he took with the election of Theresa Sparks as the first transgender president of the city Police Commission. ...

Transgender Prom Queen
WRCB-TV - Chattanooga,TN,USA
- May 14, 2007
"Nothing in life is impossible everything is possible if you can dream it it can happen," says Johnny. High school can be hard most everyone would agree ...

Former Largo City Manager Steve Stanton, Now Susan Ashley Stanton
First Coast News - Jacksonville,FL,USA 
- May 14, 2007
Tonight, Stanton is scheduled to make a public appearance at a reception honoring transgender advocates. He'll meet with legislators on Tuesday to lobby ...

My Life as a Transgender Politician
Newsweek - USA 
- May 14, 2007
May 13, 2007 - Pam Bennett is 5 feet 10 inches, sports a blonde bob and is the only transgender running for city council in the United States. ...

Alexis Arquette's Transgender Summit
Entertainment Tonight - USA
- May 13, 2007
Now, Alexis has gathered a quartet of unique individuals for a transgender transformation summit, exclusively for ET viewers! ...

A History Making Moment At A Valley Prom - Fresno,CA,USA
- May 13, 2007
05/13/2007 - It's the second time a transgender teen has been in the royal court for a valley prom this year, but this time, the results are much different. ...

Stanton lobbies Congress Tuesday
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
- May 13, 2007
On Monday night, Stanton also is scheduled to make a public appearance as Susan at a Washington, DC, reception honoring transgender advocates. ...

NEWSWEEK COVER: The Mystery of Gender
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
- May 13, 2007
But to those who consider themselves transgender, there's a disconnect between the sex they were assigned at birth and the way they see or express ...

In burst of glitter, Thailand names most beautiful transsexual
South Asian Women's Forum - New Delhi,India
- May 13, 2007
PATTAYA, Thailand (AFP) - In a nation obsessed with beauty pageants and renowned for its sexual tolerance, the Miss Tiffany Universe competition is taken ...

Thailand names most beautiful transsexual
ABC Online - Australia
- May 13, 2007
A 21-year-old student and aspiring social worker was named Thailand's most beautiful transsexual late on Friday (local time), in a pageant bursting with ...

Transgender pioneer rises to powerful spot
San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco,CA,USA
- May 12, 2007
She moved to San Francisco to blend in easier and formed a support network and a close circle of friends in the transgender community. ...

'Perceived sexual orientation or gender identity' protected
WorldNetDaily - Grants Pass,OR,USA
- May 12, 2007
"Several giant corporations have already settled on pro-'transgender' bathroom and dress policies – probably the same companies who would subject their ...

Trans Rights Move Forward In Two Cities - USA
- May 12, 2007
The two cities on opposite sides of the country are part of a slowly growing change in the way municipalities treat their transsexual citizens. ...

Few school districts have rules on transgender students
Pegasus News - Dallas,TX,USA
- May 11, 2007
But discrimination and harassment are still widespread, some experts say, and very few US school districts have written policies related to transgender ...

Hate crimes bill faces uphill fight
Washington Blade - Washington,DC,USA
- May 11, 2007
... Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, marking the first time either house of Congress has passed a freestanding gay and transgender civil rights bill. ...

Making Change: The Cost of Being Transgender - Toledo,OH,USA
- May 11, 2007
A third of the people here this Tuesday night, like most nights, are low-income transgender women who were born male. Kicked out of their homes and ...

- May 10, 2007
Romijn, who plays a transsexual on the show, admits she had no problems smooching Gayheart, but could keep a straight face when the two actresses had to ...

Over half the nation will be covered by an equality law
Gay People Chronicle - Cleveland,OH,USA
- May 10, 2007
Following the practice since the late 1990s, the three new state laws include transgender people, either with the words “gender identity” or by defining ...

Transgender deceiver
The Advocate - Los Angeles,CA,USA
- May 10, 2007
For those who feel that being transgender is a bad thing, having been in close proximity to a transgender person without realizing it is even worse—as if it ...

GLBT Protections Rise Nationwide
EDGE Boston - Boston,MA,USA
- May 10, 2007
Of those four states, Iowa, Oregon, and Colorado sought to include transgender people in the new protections; Vermont, with strong protections already in ...

LGBT-inclusive hate crimes bill passed by House
People's Weekly World - USA
- May 10, 2007
“This clear inclusion of transgender people in hate crimes laws is especially important,” read an NGLTF statement. “[V]iolence against transgender people is ...

SF Police Commission Elects Transgender President - San Francisco,CA,USA
- May 10, 2007
May 10 - KGO - San Francisco broke ground Wednesday night by choosing a transgender person to lead the city's police commission. By a one-vote margin, ...

Berkeley City Council Passed Transgender Study - San Francisco,CA,USA
- May 9, 2007
May 8 - KGO - The Berkeley city council has unanimously approved a study to add transgender surgery to the city health plan. ...

Transgender meeting is in Tucson next April
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA
- May 7, 2007
Tucson next year will be the first Arizona city to host an annual international gathering that focuses on transgender awareness. ...

White House threatens to veto hate-crimes bill
May 3, 2007
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The White House has threatened to veto a bill passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday that expands hate-crime laws to include ...

Transsexual a front-runner for new job
Miami Herald - Miami,FL,USA -
May 3, 2007
(AP) -- The Largo city manager who was fired after revealing his plans to have a sex change has become a front-runner for the same job in Sarasota. ...

Vermont State House Passes Gender Identity Bill
BBSNews, NC - May 2, 2007
If the bill becomes law, Vermont would become the 11th US state to ban workplace discrimination on the basis of gender identity. ...

Iowa Passes LGBT Rights Law
Gay City News - May 2, 2007
The Iowa House voted 59-37 on April 25 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state human rights law. The Senate concurred with a 36-14 vote. ...

Sports writer's coming-out prose worthy of praise
Orlando Sentinel, FL - May 1, 2007
Mike Penner wrote a story last week. It got a reaction sports writers dream of. There were more than a half-million Web hits the first day. ...

Bill Banning Sexual Orientation Bias Introduced in House
HR Magazine - Alexandria,VA,USA - May 1, 2007
While ENDA has been introduced in Congress several times, this is the first time that the bill includes a provision protecting transgender workers.

For one and for all: LGBT community fights to make bathrooms ...
SU The Daily Orange (subscription) - Syracuse,NY,USA - April 30, 2007
"Gender-neutral restrooms provide transgender and gender nonconforming students with a safe space to do the most basic human acts," said Amit Taneja, ...

LA Times Sports Department Hiding Transsexual Writer?
AOL SPORTS - New York,NY,USA - April 30, 2007
Los Angeles Times sports writer Mike Penner wrote a column saying he is a transsexual who will soon begin writing under the name Christine Daniels. ...

I Want to Be Seen as Male' - Toledo,OH,USA - April 29, 2007
Right now what I believe myself to be is an FTM, or a female-to-male transsexual. A boy in a girl's body. What I want is for you to understand, ...

'I'ma Girl' - Understanding Transgender Children
ABC News - USA - April 28, 2007
They are transgender children, diagnosed with gender identity disorder, and their parents insist this is not a phase. "A phase is called a phase because it ...

Transgender Kid: God Made a Mistake
Christian Post - USA - April 28, 2007
While transgender children can only be assessed on a case-by-case basis, Throckmorton recommends seeking not only medical or psychological specialists, ...

ENDA introduced in House
Washington Blade - Washington,DC,USA
Human Rights Campaign said in a statement that it also is legal to fire someone on the basis of his or her gender identity — or status as a transgender ...

Sportswriter announces he is a transsexual
Globe and Mail - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
LOS ANGELES -- A veteran sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times said in his column yesterday that he is a transsexual. ...
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HRC and National Center for Transgender Equality Release ...
EDGE Boston, MA - April 24, 2007
A group of transgender leaders, including HRC Board of Directors member Donna Rose, Joanne Herman, Dr. Michele Angello, Jay Smith Brown and NCTE and HRC ...

Transgender Student Misses Title As Prom King
CBS 2 - Los Angeles,CA,USA - April 22, 2007
A transgender candidate for prom king made an elegant appearance at the Fresno High School dance in a tuxedo Saturday, but missed winning the title. ...

West Palm's new identity crisis
Palm Beach Post - Palm Beach,FL,USA - April 22, 2007
Besides sanctimoniously narrow interpretations of morality and God's will, there was a profound ignorance about transgender people. ...

Transgender Student Nominated for Prom King
Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA - April 20, 2007
She said that she's struggled with gender roles for some time, explaining to friends and family what it means to be transgender. The definition of the word ...

Transgender Student Runs for Prom King
WJLA - Washington,DC,USA - April 20, 2007
"I would never have run for anything if I had to wear a dress," said Covarrubias, who considers herself transgender, an umbrella term that covers all people ...

Montgomery County weighs trans rights bill
Washington Blade - Washington,DC,USA - April 20, 2007
To help Hall and others, Montgomery County soon will consider a measure that would bar discrimination against transgender people living and working within ...

Ex-gays build opposition to hate crimes bill
Church Executive Magazine - Phoenix,AZ,USA - April 20, 2007
Transgender is an umbrella term for "people who live all or substantial portions of their lives expressing an innate sense of gender other than their birth ...

Body of trans woman dressed as boy at viewing
Bay Area Reporter - San Francisco,CA,USA
- April 19, 2007
Friends and community members are upset that the body of murdered Latina transgender Ruby Ordeñana was dressed as a boy for a memorial viewing earlier this ...

Fired transsexual city manager applies for new job
Orlando Sentinel, FL 
- April 19, 2007
AP. SARASOTA -- The Largo city manager who was fired after revealing his plans to have a sex change has applied for the city manager position in Sarasota. ...
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Largo demands records from Stanton's laptop
St. Petersburg Times, FL 
- April 19, 2007
Early Edition: City officials say documents removed from the fired city manager's computer may include public records; Stanton says they were personal files ...

Jennifer Aniston, Martina Navratilova, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy Honored at 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles
Press Release
Los Angeles, Sunday, April 15, 2007 – Ben Affleck, Rebecca Romijn, Neil Patrick Harris, Rachel Griffiths, Garry Marshall, Sarah Paulson and Eva Mendes were among the dozens of celebrities who joined the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) as it honored Jennifer Aniston, Martina Navratilova, and the best in film, television and journalism last night at the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented by ABSOLUT Vodka in Los Angeles.

With change, acceptance is key
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg ,FL, USA
- April 15, 2007
They agreed to share their stories to help Travis, other kids of transgender people, and anyone else who wonders what it's like to have a dad who becomes a ...

Fired transsexual Florida city manager says he won't sue his ...
San Diego Union Tribune, CA 
- April 14, 2007
AP. LARGO, Fla. – A city manager fired after revealing his plans to have a sex change said he will not sue the city that fired him and he will begin living ...

Transgender city manager will not sue after being fired
Monterey County Herald - Monterey,CA,USA
Commissioners have said little about their decision, but have insisted they did not fire Stanton because he was transgender. ...

Campus Life: Emory Adds Protection for Gender
The Emory Wheel - USA -
April 13, 2007
Assistant Dean for Campus Life and Director for Residence Life Andy Wilson, who chairs the President's Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender ...

GLBT: The “T” Is Not Silent
Lavender Magazine - Minneapolis,MN,USA -
April 12, 2007
Small wonder so many transgender-identified people face blatant discrimination and violent assault on a regular basis. ...

Changing 'that little M' into an 'F' isn't so easy
Web Devil - USA -  
April 11, 2007
Tristan Booth, an ASU doctoral student and transsexual person, said that very few transgender people get insurance to cover surgeries, and some have trouble ...

Transsexual's anger at 'sir' slur
Wigan Observer - Wigan,England,UK -
April 11, 2007
A furious transsexual has hit out at pharmacy chain Boots after an assistant in one of its Wigan stores insisted on calling her "sir" in front of other ...

Not running from her past
Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA 
- April 11, 2007
It's a line that has served Aurora's first-ever openly transgender City Council candidate well in the four years since she started living life as a woman. ...

Trans not on board(s)
The Advocate - Los Angeles,CA,USA
- April 11, 2007
Most gay and lesbian organizations have become LGBT organizations in recent years. If their missions now include transgender people, why don't their boards? ...

Transgender opera singer settles into new identity
Virginian Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
- April 11, 2007
Some transgender folks noticed Tona online and asked her more about herself. Transgender is a term for people who've taken on physical characteristics of ...

'Project Runway' wins GLAAD award for Outstanding Reality Program
Reality TV World, MA - Mar 27, 2007
"I don't know whether people realize the seminal work of Bravo and, by definition Bravo's support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community," ...
Rosie, Runway, Oprah Get GLAAD E! Online

‘Yogyakarta Principles’ a Milestone for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual ...
Human Rights Watch (press release) - Mar 26, 2007
... and whose dignity is too often reviled,” said Scott Long, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program at Human Rights Watch. ...

Special Report: Change Sex? Lose Job.
St. Petersburg Times, FL - March 24, 2007
Largo's Decision is Final: Stanton is fired.  After six hours of speakers Friday night, commissioners took less than five minutes to reaffirm their decision. ...
(Donna's comments: This is a very full report.....)

Transgender Florida City Manager Fired, FL - March 24 2007
Stanton plans to have a sex-change operation, but Commissioner Gay Gentry said the vote early Saturday was not about sex. Says Gentry, "You have to believe ...

Pivotal Friend Votes for his Firing
St. Petersburg Times, FL - March 24, 2007
LARGO - Of all of Steve Stanton's bosses, she seemed the most likely to change her mind ...

Transgender Florida City Manager Fired, FL - March 24 2007
Stanton plans to have a sex-change operation, but Commissioner Gay Gentry said the vote early Saturday was not about sex. Says Gentry, "You have to believe ...

Commissioners fire transgender city manager
Charlotte Sun-Herald, FL - March 24, 2007
LARGO, Fla. (AP) - Impassioned speeches from dozens of supporters failed to sway city commissioners as they finalized the firing early today of the city ...

There is a boatload of other stories and articles out there about the Largo vote.  Go to Google News and type "Stanton Largo" in the search and you'll find the latest and greatest...

In Between Days
City Paper - Baltimore, MD, USA - March 14, 2007
Baltimore's Transgendered Population Navigates A World That Only Sees Biological Male And Female ...

Hate crimes bill launched in House
Dallas Voice - Dallas,TX,USA - March 22, 2007
Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said her organization joins [more than] 210 civil rights, religious and ...
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Largo prepares for sex-change showdown - Pensacola,FL,USA - March 22, 2007
Stanton knew gay and transgender rights were a hot button issue in city politics. A large crowd turned out in 2003 to defeat a proposed human rights ...
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Florida suburb prepares for transsexual rights showdown
Bradenton Herald - Bradenton,FL,USA - March 22, 2007
City commissioners have tried to avoid the transsexual issue. They have declined repeated requests for interviews since they voted Feb. ...
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Recent Firings Serve as a Reminder of the Employment Struggles ...
FindLaw - Mountain View,CA,USA - March 20, 2007
Steven Stanton -- a confirmed transsexual and the city manager of Largo, Florida -- was recently put on administrative leave, pending being fired by the ...
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Transsexuals want equal coverage
Nashua Telegraph (subscription) - Nashua,NH,USA - March 20, 2007
CONCORD – Gerri Cannon, a transsexual from Merrimack, said it’s unfair she’s been unable to get hormone treatment in preparation for, and after, ...
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Huge turnout expected at hearing for wannabe transgender city manager
Tampa Bay's 10 - St. Petersburg,FL,USA - March 20, 2007
Largo, Florida - The Largo city commission chambers is quiet and empty on this morning, but it's the pre-cursor to what may be the longest and loudest ...
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