Recent Photos - 2006/2007

Several people have asked me to put some recent photos here.  Unfortunately, four things often prevent this from happening:

Well, I've collected a few photos from recent months and I have decided to share them here. Some may not be flattering but who cares?  Such is life.  We can't all look good all the time (well, Elizabeth can but that's a whole other story).  This is what I look like - for better or for worse.  

Without further are some Recent Photos.

December 2006


January 2007


A New Year Dawns - 2007
Here are a couple of pics from the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007.  My hair style seems to change a bit from day to day based on how I dry it, which
is actually fine by me.  I'm generally happy with my "look" at the moment, although I wish I had more time to run and exercise. The thing I like
most about the photo on the left is the profile shot of my nose.  I don't usually see many of those.  If you had seen my nose before you'd be able to
appreciate just how big a difference that makes. 








September 2006: Out & Equal (Chicago), SCC (Atlanta)
The top left photo includes Joanne Herman, my friend Sarah, myself, Calpernia, Amanda Simpson and Andrea James at the Out and Equal Workplace
Summit in Chicago.  Calpernia and Andrea gave a wonderful presentation to a packed room and received a much deserved standing ovation.  Next to
it is a photo of myself, George Takei (Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, Jamison Green, and an HRC Governor from Seattle taken as part of HRC's "Talk About It" effort.
The bottom 4 photos are from the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta. There are two photos of Elizabeth and I.  The bottom left photo is of Elizabeth and I
with Mark and Patrick from HRC.  The bottom right photo is of myself and Jenny Boylan just before the Saturday night gala - we look like prom dates or something. 
It was great to finally meet her and get to know her a bit.  I hope we have more opportunity to meet here or there in the future.










July 2006: The Ring and the Bling
I gave Elizabeth a diamond ring for her birthday.  Some have asked me to describe it but a picture is worth a thousand words so here it is.  Although I
don't think photographs do it justice, the photo is untouched and sparkle is real.  There are 3 main diamonds - 13 in all.
Secondly, I've attached front/back photos of my Gay Games Gold Medal. 
As with the ring - the medal looks much better on Elizabeth than it does on me.




June 2006: Here, There, and Everywhere
The top photo includes Andrea James, myself, Calpernia, and Joanne Herman at the Point Foundation gala in Los Angeles.
The bottom photo is a picture of Elizabeth.  We went to a wedding together and had a wonderful time.
I hope to have a couple more photos to share here....



May 2006: Visiting Elizabeth
I wanted to post a few photos of Elizabeth from my visit to see her last week.  I get e-mail from people telling me to post more photos of her and I'm still not quite sure
how I got the job as her unofficial web photographer other than the fact that we have some great times together.  That being said, my favorite photos of her
are the every-day, quiet-moment, just-spending-some-time-together shots.  Those are the ones I'll share here.  The two photos on the left are from a
day of sightseeing and shopping.  And, the candid photo on the right is in the stands at the NASCAR race in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I'll tell you - you haven't
truly lived until you've attended a car race with 100,000 other people deep in the South.  Truth be told, we had a great time.  :)



April 2006: IFGE Conference in Philadelphia
These photos are from the IFGE Conference in Philadelphia in early April.  I particularly like the photo on the left of Elizabeth and I.  She had
gotten up at 2am and driven 10 hours to get there in time for the opening lunch, so this is what she looks like after no sleep and a day on the road.  I wish I
could look so good after something like that.  The photo in the middle is of me, Elizabeth, and my dear "sister" Mel.  And, the photo on
the right is of Elizabeth and Leslie Townsend.  As you may be able to tell, my new 'do and I are getting more and more comfortable with each other.



March 2006: The New 'Do
These photos are from the HRC Dinner in Austin on March 18, 2006.  I had just gone to my favorite salon in Austin (Avant downtown) for
a new and different hairstyle.  Be careful what you ask for.  I like it - and apparently others have been
liking it, too  That's mom and me (Left), and some dear friends from Dell (Right)..



March 2006: The Grand Canyon  with Elizabeth
I took beaucoup wonderful photos when Elizabeth and I spent a day at the Grand Canyon in March.  Here are three I particularly like.  In the top
photo on the left there's a photo of me with the Canyon in the background.  In the top photo on the right you can see
the late afternoon shadows beginning to lengthen across the Canyon, and the Colorado River winding its way into the distance.
In the lower photo, Elizabeth had crawled out to this precarious cliff - the drop off the other end down by her feet had to be 5,000 feet straight down.  It made me queezy.



March 2006: The Girls
My ex-neighbors and still dear, dear friends Sally and Ray are two of the most wonderful people I know.  If anyone knows how to truly live - it's them. 
They're fun, and interesting, and they do cool things, and they ride motorcycles, and they cook, and they're the kind of people I'm honored to have in my life.
I absolutely love them to death.  One of the really neat things is that Sally keeps in touch with a group of gals that all went to high school together with her.  They
have "reunions" from time to time, and the most recent was in March here at Sally and Ray's home in Arizona.  They come from all over the country to attend.
Elizabeth and I stopped by to visit for a little visit after our trip to the Grand Canyon.  This photo is aptly titled, "The Girls".  (BTW - that's Sally to my left)



February 2006: Colorado Gold Rush
These photos are from the Colorado Gold Rush Conference in Denver.  The photo on the left is me and Elizabeth.  I don't like the photo of me, but Elizabeth
looks wonderful as always.  The photo on the right was taken during the keynote address on Saturday night..


January 2006: Phoenix HRC Dinner
The photo on the right is of Maria and me at the HRC Dinner here in Phoenix in January.  Again, it's not a particularly flattering one of yours truly but Maria looks
fantastic.  The photo on the left is something I like, but I can't really say why.  My friend Bobbie took it at brunch the morning after the dinner. 
I was tired so I really didn't spend much time getting ready - I have hardly any makeup on at all - but somehow this candid photo captures me.  I like it.


October 2005: HRC National Dinner
Photo on the left is of Lisa Mottet (NGLTF) and I at the National Dinner.  The middle photo is of the gang of us.  And, the photo on the right is of
Arlington National Cemetery.  It was a beautiful autumn day, and we went there to visit the grave of one of Elizabeth's relatives.  I just think
it's a beautiful photo....


September 2005: Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta
The photo on the left is of a panel discussion that I facilitated titled "Dealing with the Media".  From left to right is me, Dr. Marci Bowers, Elizabeth, and
the always amazing Jamison Green.  The photo on the right is from one of the banquets - Elizabeth and I.  Notice how many beads Elizabeth has.  Then,
ask yourself how she got them all.  ;)