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"To conquer fear is the beginning of Wisdom"
 -- Bertrand Russell

I learned quite a while ago that the most important thing that any of us can share is our story - our experience. This has been true for as long as man has existed, as stories have been passed from generation to generation.  In fact, much of who and what we think we know is based on the collective experience of those who have come before us.

To be perfectly honest, that one single thing was the most empowering realization in my own life transition - finding that there were others out there who were just like me, who had dealt with what I was experiencing and who seemed to be intelligent, well-adjusted, and (most importantly) happy.  After a lifetime of dealing with my own personal demons alone, of thinking that I must be the only one, the internet suddenly opened a world of possibility to me where there had been none before.  Not because it showed me what to do, but because by sharing what others had done, it gave me hope.

In the same was as I think Lynn Conway's 'TS Successes" page is so vitally important, I think it's critical to provide visibility to the deeper things: relationships, careers, family issues, spiritual issues, etc. that so many of us deal with.  These are the things we all share to one degree of another, and the lessons each of us learn have value.

I am creating this portion of my website for a number of reasons:

Some initial thoughts:

Our Stories

The following transition stories have been provided by readers of this site.  I publish them here exactly as provided.  I do not make any claims regarding accuracy or motivation - readers can judge those things for themselves.

Michelle's Workplace Transition Story

Can A Marriage Survive Transition?
[updated 12/23/2005]

Nikki Anne's Workplace Transition
[posted 2/27/2008]

Jenna's Workplace Transition Story      
[posted 11/16/2004]

A Birthday Party Story
[posted 12/29/2005]

Tracey's Workplace Transition Story 
[posted 1/8/2005]

JoAnna's Story
[posted 1/9/2006]

Terri's Transition Story
[posted 3/23/2005]

Suzanne's Story
[posted 2/28/2006]

Lesley's Workplace Transition
[posted 9/7/2005]

Jordyn's Workplace Transition Story
[posted 3/2/2006]