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Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  That's what this page is dedicated to: opinions.  Specifically, it is dedicated to my opinion and supporting information as to why I've developed this opinion.

One of the things I see happening is that any number of issues/articles/people appear on a regular basis and people often seem to be in such a hurry to rush to judgment.  Facts, psuedo-facts, opinions disguised as fact, and blatant misinformation can often become blurred in the rush to channel popular opinion towards one direction or another.  This web page is my opportunity to address that.

The Opinions offered here are MY opinions.  Sometimes, I feel a need to express an opinion based on someone else's opinion.  Sometimes, I just feel a need to share.  The opinions offered here may or may not be popular - the goal of expressing an opinion isn't to be popular.  It's to be honest.  And, the beauty of having an opinion is that opinions can't be wrong.  They can perhaps be misguided or based on faulty information, but that doesn't make them wrong.  They're still just opinions.

I expect that some of the opinions I share here will involve the transgender community or broader GLBT topics,  while some will not.  I don't feel constrained to one particular theme, and I think any number of other topics have equal bearing on each of us in the bigger picture of things. 

With all that being said...here are my opinions.

What Next?
Post ENDA: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward
[Added 11/20/2007]

The Mourning After
Moving On After ENDA: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
[Added 11/08/2007]

Heroes and Soul
The Cost of ENDA in terms of Trust, Leadership, and Integrity
[Added 11/05/2007]

Corporate Support and the Trans Community: Reality and Illusion
Are Lofty Diversity Scores Really All They Appear?
[Added 09/24/2007]

With Friends Like These....
Phoenix Workplace Diversity: Case Study in the Failure of Leadership
[Added 12/10/2006]

The HRC Corporate Equality Index
Raising the Bar for Transgender Employees in 2006
[Added 10/01/2006]

Prejudice By Any Other Name
The Michigan Womyn's Festival Disrespects the Transgender Community.  Again.
[Added 8/26/2006]

The Worst We Have To Offer
A Confrontation in Chicago
[Added 7/22/2006]

The New Frontier
Historic New Workplace Advances Support Transgender Employees
[Added 5/13/2006]

Professionalism Suffers
A sad situation, and a call to action
[Added 4/04/2006]

Transgender Murder In Phoenix
Communication Breakdown
[Added 3/30/2006]

The More Things Change....
[Added 2/28/2006]

The Money Gap
Some Financial Implications of being transgender
[Added 2/14/2006]

Trendy with a Capital "T"
The Week in Review - week ending 2/5/2006
[Added 2/7/2006]

It's About Freedom; It's About Choice
The Week in Review - week ending 1/27/2006
[Added 1/27/2006]

One More Thing...
HRC Expands Support for the Transgender Community - Quietly
[Added 1/6/2006]

Some things that I find alarming
[Added 1/6/2006]

Political Correctness Run Amok
There are more important priorities requiring attention.
[Added 11/30/2005]

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Some thoughts on the day after.....
[Added 11/22/2005]

Trans-formed: A New Spirit of Relationship
Landmark Trans Education Campaign Launched
[Added 11/05/2005]

More Than Words
Limitations of the English Language and how it impacts YOU
[Added 10/28/2005]

'Trans or Bust' is still a bust - A Response
My response to an op-ed piece in the Washington Blade newspaper.
[Added 10/15/2005]

The Ugly Activist
You'll know one when you hear one.
[Added 8/10/2005]

The Real Deal
Defense Giant Raytheon Adds Discrimination Protections in a Wonderful Way
[Added 8/3/2005]

Tempest in a Transgender Teacup
The Rest of the Story on HRC Support for HR3128
[Added 7/18/2005]