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From time to time I have an opportunity to be involved with radio or print media.  I'm generally wary when approached by media as I tend to think they have an agenda in mind that's probably not the same as mine is.  I think our own community has been its own worst enemy in allowing unflattering portrayals to perpetuate the typical stereotypes many people seem to have, and I need to feel comfortable that the anyone I deal with will provide a more realistic, empathetic portrayal.

I'll include links to some of the more notable examples here.

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DiversityInc Magazine

Workplace Lessons From Transgender People


DiversityInc Magazine

More Than Just Crossdressing: Identifying the Transgender Market


The Buffalo (NY) News

Transition. A story about by my return home for my high school reunion.

Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle

Three Local People Find Serenity in their Decision to Change Their Gender.
7/21/2003 Reprint: Chapter 1 from Wrapped In Blue
10/13/2003 GenderTalk Radio GenderTalk Interview: Trans Humanity
11/14/2003 Interview Profile: A Q&A With Donna Rose


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