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Subject: Help Face Down Anti-gay Zealot in the Maryland Legislature
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Help Beyer Face Down Anti-gay Zealot in the Maryland Legislature

We believe it is necessary that church leaders across Maryland be exposed to the vile and militaristic agenda of extreme homosexual activists. Moral leaders must become aware of their intent to sodomize our children…Their intent is to indoctrinate our children with the homosexual lifestyle.

--Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer

The Maryland General Assembly is home to one of the country’s most vitriolic anti-gay bigots. Dana Beyer needs your support today to help counter the hate-filled rhetoric of politicians like Don Dwyer. A retired surgeon, Dana is running for an open seat in the House of Delegates, both to add her years of experience to public policy debates, and to add another voice for equality to help drown out the likes of Don Dwyer.

Never in the history of the U.S. has an openly transgender candidate been elected to a state legislature. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Dr. Dana Beyer is well-positioned to become a trailblazer in American history.

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Three delegates represent each district, and one of the incumbents, Victory-endorsed Richard Madaleno, is leaving his seat to run for the state senate. There are two key elements to winning most campaigns: a good candidate and a favorable district. Dana and her district meet – and even exceed – both of these tests.

Running in a solidly Democratic district, Dana’s first challenge will be the crowded September 12 primary. Eight candidates are running for three seats, two of whom are incumbents. Dana’s challengers include the longest-serving member of the Kensington Town Council, the former head of Common Cause Maryland, and the son of the outgoing State Senator.

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But even in a tough, crowded primary field, Dana stands out as eminently qualified. Her years of providing medical care to underserved communities in Africa and Asia as well as the United States, and her political experience advocating on the school board, county, state and national levels demonstrate her commitment to public service.

Dana’s campaign has already received national attention, including a profile by columnist Deb Price in the Detroit News. But you can bet it will also draw the attention of the state’s notorious bigots, such as Delegate Don Dwyer. This immoral minority in Maryland will do their best to distract voters from focusing on the important issues, such as Dana’s superior qualifications and the wealth of health care experience she will bring to the House.

As Dana said at her kick-off event, I will be the one delegate who teaches my colleagues something just by showing up to work. The courage she has shown throughout her life will be undeniable when she takes her seat among the people’s representatives in the Maryland State House.

Your help now will provide Dana’s campaign with much-needed support as the September 12 primary approaches.

Help Dana make history with a generous donation today.

Yours in Victory,
Robin Brand
Robin Brand,
Sr. VP, Politics & Strategy

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