Donna's Blog - Photos

I'll use this space to share some of the photos I take in my travels but don't want to put on my main blog for one reason or another.  If I put too many pictures there it takes too long to load, so this will provide an opportunity to share a little more.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...

A Day in Northern Arizona
Sights from Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, and Jerome - Dec. 23, 2007

I spent Christmas Eve eve on a 400-mile road trip around central Arizona - getting away from crowds and visiting some of the amazing scenery that Arizona offers.  Stops included Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, the old mining town of Jerome, and Prescott.  I tool lots of photos.  I haven't had time to look at them all yet but I've downloaded a few and I share some here.  It was a wonderful day -

Water flowing in Oak Creek Canyon

In Oak Creek Canyon

Jerome, AZ is an old mining town perched on the
side of a mountain.

An artsy shot inside the ruins of an old Hotel.

In Jerome, AZ

In Jerome, AZ

In Oak Creek Canyon

Shacks built in the ruins - In Jerome, AZ

The hotel through the ruins....     

A Day in Seattle, WA
Sights from downtown and Pike's Place Market - Dec. 8, 2007. 

I came to Seattle to attend Snowball, an event sponsored by Ingersoll Gender Center.  I've been to Seattle several times but it's always a quick in-and-out trip.  This time I spent an afternoon downtown where Sam and Sharon were the best hostesses ever.  We visited the public market where they sell fresh seafood, fruit, pasta, and pretty much anything else you could want.  The weather was wonderful.  The views were amazing.  It was a great afternoon:

The snow-covered Olympic Mountains in the distance across one of the inlets near Seattle

A ferry heading into the calm early morning mist of a chilly December morning

The view driving into downtown Seattle

Qwest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, from the highway heading downtown

A view of the Seattle Waterfront, with Mt. Ranier in the distance

A ferry heads off into the early evening.  Notice the clouds nestled low in the mountains in the distance.


The very first Starbucks Coffee in Pike Place Market.  They don't use that logo anymore. 


Autumn In and Around Rochester - Oct 17-18.

These first photos were taken on the Southern Tier, just off I-390 near Whalen, NY.  My sister and I wanted to take an autumn drive and planned to go to one of the wineries near Hammondsport on Keuka late. We never made it that far.

These photos don't do the vivid colors justice.  I've seen many autumns over the years but neither of us had ever seen anything this rich and vibrant before.  We spent two hours driving back roads, "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing" around every corner.  It was truly a magical afternoon.

I think the gray skies only added to the color.  Sunshine tends to wash things out sometimes, or causes overexposure.  The day was dotted by clouds, sporadic showers, eventually some was truly an autumn day in every sense of the word.

These next photos are from the next morning.  I got up early and went to Mendon Ponds Park shortly after sunrise.  The water was glassy smooth, and the reflections were like morrors.


Shots from the road
An autumn drive from NYC to Rochester - October 2007. 

This is the view of Manhattan from New Jersey, heading towards the city.  It's quite the impressive sight to come over a hill and see the city in all it's grandness.  The largest building is the Empire State Building.
The drive through the Cortland Valley - between Syracuse and Binghamton on I-81 - is pretty almost any time.  Autumn is particularly pretty, and the interesting skies only add to the scene.
This photo doesn't do the patchwork of colors justice.  The leaves along the way - especially in Pennsylvania - should be at peak color in a couple of weeks.
The skies were pretty gray for most of the drive.  Eventually I reached the spot where the clouds ended, and there was nothing but clear sky beyond that.   As the sun peaked around the corner I grabbed my camera and snapped this show - symbolic of emerging from darkness into light.

New York City
Heading down Broadway toward Times Square while at the GLAAD Board Meeting - October 2007.